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Kayla helps ambitious women to level-up their life by helping them turn Anxiety and Self-Doubt into Confidence and Fearlessness with ease, through Transformative Mindset Coaching.

Through her intensive Mindset Coaching Programs and Services, she helps others heal the wounds of their pasts, to help them create a life that’s filled with meaning, direction, abundance and authenticity, without being dragged down by their struggles with mental health.

Check out some of her amazing Testimonials below!


If you’re looking for a coach that has the tools to help unpack your past, dust it off and send you feeling better and more empowered, Kayla is definitely the coach for you! Kayla is my first Anxiety coach and was absolutely worth every penny. I love working with her!




She uses her humour, compassion, and empathetic nature to help bring out the best in me. She is committed to helping me live… I mean, really live life to its fullest.



I’m only half way through the program and I have already seen such a big difference in my life. I have learned so much about myself. My negative self talk has been improving every day and mindset has changed drastically. I am so grateful to Kayla for helping me on this journey!



Kayla’s coaching is top notch, and I really enjoyed my time with Kayla. She focuses on a holistic way of Anxiety coaching that doesn’t oversee anything, including my sleep schedule, social life, and most importantly, past trauma. I would definitely recommend trying out this program for those who are struggling to find a therapist whom they can relate to and/or makes them feel special.



I have worked with my mindset and healing from self-destroying patterns for years in many different programs, but I still felt like I was up against a wall.

But now after just working with Kayla for one month I have managed to turn so many things around! My business and financial situation is growing again, my romantic relationship has gone to a deeper, more passionate and healthier level, my body is gaining back strength, and my most authentic self is blossoming and truly blooming.

Working with Kayla gave me a complete 180 from the person I was before working with her. I’ve finally got my life back!

Jeanett H.


I really loved having Kayla as an anxiety coach because she was able to open my eyes to see just how many things I could change for the better if I started focusing on prioritizing ‘me’. I’m now able to make clear boundaries with certain people in my life that would always drain me and make me feel not good enough, and I’m finally giving myself permission to live a life that makes ME feel good, without feeling guilty about it! She is very understanding and is absolutely lovely! Get Coached by Kayla, you won’t regret it.



I was at the point of giving up before I met Kayla. I had been struggling with my mental health for a long time, and it seemed like no traditional therapist was doing the trick.

Kayla taught me how to prioritize myself, set boundaries in my life, and persevere through any obstacle I face. Now I have such a positive outlook on life.

When I look back on the person I was before I started working with Kayla, I don’t even recognize her. She saved my life!

Lauren M.


6 months ago I constantly worried about saying the wrong things in front of other people. I was a huge people pleaser and had a lot of unhealthy relationships with others because I avoided setting boundaries in fear of people leaving me. I cared so much about making other people happy, that I never truly knew how to make myself happy, and was always disappointing myself and others when I fell short.

Kayla showed me that there was a way to terminate this cycle for good, when I had been hopeless for so long. She helped me create passion and confidence in my life in places where there was only scarcity before. I’ve never been happier since working with Kayla!

Kathryn W.


Anxiety used to hold me back from seeing friends, being in crowded spaces and even going to the grocery store! Anxiety literally effected every area of my life! I felt so hopeless and afraid of going out in public, because I knew that anxiety would interfere with me having a good time.

I was quite nervous to start coaching and open up about all of this, but it was so effortless to open up to Kayla, and she was completely non-judgemental and supportive of me 100% of the way. I’m now back to really enjoying life, and my anxiety no longer prevents me from doing the things I used to only dream about. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!



Before working with Kayla, I had been seeing another Counsellor, and Nutritionist about my gut health issues (frequent upset stomach, bloating, weight gain, urgency), for 3 years, and nobody was able to help me overcome them.

Kayla was the first person who actually listened to my issues and helped me identify that my gut health issues were actually being caused by Anxiety.

I’ve now been working with Kayla for 6 months, and it’s been 2 months since gut health has been an issue for me! I’ve finally gotten back to ENJOYING spending time with my friends and family, without having to worry about urgently going to the washroom or leaving gatherings from being embarrassed and constantly worried. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for Kayla’s impact on my life!



I used to always find myself in unfulfilling and unhealthy relationships with partners, but I couldn’t figure out why. Kayla helped me identify that I never felt ‘good enough’ growing up, and this caused me to unknowingly keep choosing partners that mistreated me and made me feel unworthy of healthy, passionate and reciprocated love.

I never knew just how much my childhood contributed to my negative patterns, and Kayla helped me learn how to stop it, once and for all. She saved me from continuing to relive my past over and over again. I am so blessed to have worked with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kayla.



I’m not sure I would have made the transition to loving myself completely without Kayla’s encouragement, and unconditional support. She helped me not only overcome physical abuse, but she also helped me find my soulmate. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to master their mind, as this is exactly what she helped me do.



My dad always pushed me to be strong academically; go to a good college, get a secure job, and make a lot of money. So I did all of this, and found myself disappointed in myself for settling for a life that was “less than” to me. I felt lost and directionless, and my life consisted of overwhelming anxiety, people pleasing and inadequacy. 

I’m now in a job I love and have moved half way across the world to do it (like I always wanted to do)! I owe a great deal of this to Kayla for helping me breathe into the person I was always meant to be. It still blows my mind how many doors opened after I closed the door on my inner critic and took the steps I needed to, so I could finally say “no” to the things that I didn’t want for my life, and say “yes” to ALL of the things I did. 




In the past I would always think negatively about my appearance and body weight. I believed that nobody was capable of loving me, and I rarely dated because I thought my partners were only dating me out of pity. Kayla gave me the strength and courage to face my anxiety head on without judgment, and she supported me the entire way in finding happiness in my life.

I’ve now been dating my soulmate for 8 months, and it’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in. Kayla helped me work through all my insecurities with myself and fears of not being good enough for my partner, and how to communicate my needs to him so I truly felt loved. I can’t believe that I’m the confident woman I always dreamed I’d be! I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of Kayla.

Lindsay T.


Before working with Kayla, I was exhausted from years of Therapy and Coaching. I had seen 2 Therapists and a Mindset Coach, but none of them ever seemed to help improve my symptoms of Social Anxiety (nervousness in front of others, thinking other people hated me, etc.). I was exhausted and frustrated from trying to do everything in my power to heal, but nothing was working.

Since working with Kayla, my entire life has changed! Social Anxiety no longer has control over me, and she’s truly helped me master my anxiety more in these past 3 months, than my therapist had in the past 2 years! Above all else, Kayla made me feel like it’s okay to not be okay all the time. It was so refreshing working with someone who used to battle with anxiety, and had overcome it, and being able to confide in someone who actually understands what anxiety is like in real life, and not just how a textbook defines it.

Quit therapy right now and work with Kayla, you’ll be glad you did! She changed my life, and she’ll change yours, too!



Kayla’s intoxicating positive energy has helped me to make choices from a place of optimism and resiliency instead of fear. This has had a powerful impact on my relationships and gave me the strength and courage to heal the wounds of my past to embrace myself without hesitation.



I used to have unbearable anxiety with social gatherings, and I would need to have few drinks before any social event to feel comfortable, because I was so frightened about saying or doing the wrong thing and embarrassing myself; But with the techniques and tools Kayla gave me, I don’t need alcohol to feel at ease anymore, and I’m growing more confident every day.

I’m now completely unrecognizable from the person that I was 3 months ago, and I would not have grown this fast to become assertive and my authentic self without Kayla.



With the help of Kayla, I quit my unfulfilling corporate job and took my business full-time! I started upholding healthy boundaries with my family and built a loving, mutually respectful relationship with them, which is something I never thought I’d be able to do. This allowed me to start creating the business I had been dreaming of for years, but was too scared to go all in with because I was so terrified of disappointing my family.

Alex S.


My life after working with Kayla in her 3 month 1:1 program, is filled with abundance, meaning, direction and so much more money from my business has come in! She helped me dissolve all of the roadblocks in my mindset that were unknowingly holding me back from generating more leads and sales, and Kayla empowered me to step into the full potential of my business! I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me.



She changed my life in only 2 month’s time, and if she could do this for me in such a small amount of time, I’m confident she can do it for you, too! Thank you for giving me my life back, Kayla.


Alystia T.

“Kayla has a true gift, and what was only 45 minutes seemed like years of release. She really helped me identify my focus points and recommended key things to help me on my journey. 24 hours later, I have made several small steps into changing the bad habits into good ones, and I am now officially enrolled in Dare2BeYou! I am determined to manifest the life I’m worthy of. Don’t think about booking your free session, do it!!!! You will not regret one second.”

Bianca G.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Kayla for a call. I have been very well aware of my mindset blocks and childhood trauma for a few years now and have tried to be really intentional about seeking support in the past year. During my search I have struggled to find someone that both resonates with my experiences and is equipped with the tools to help me heal and move forward in a healthy way.

During my call with Kayla she created a space for me to feel safe and understood. I am confident that with the combination of her genuine energy, personal experiences, and professional knowledge I have finally found someone to work with on my deep inner wounds and personal development goals- which will ultimately affect me in both my personal life and my business.

I absolutely cannot wait to join Kayla’s program and highly recommend her to anyone seeking a major breakthrough in their life! .”

Leann L.

“The timing of my session with Kayla was incredible! With her wonderful help, I was able to find clarity on whether to accept a job offer. Kayla was so amazing at seeing what issues needed attention within minutes, and I was able to accept the job with confidence and peace of mind.

She was so gentle and kind and easy to work with, with such a broad range of helpful skills, that I would recommend her to anyone who could use a boost in choosing the best things for their lives. I hope to work with her again soon. It was a lovely experience!”

Lauren M.

“I decided to start the Dare2BeYou program with Kayla after our first coaching session because in 45 minutes she was able to help me see and understand things about my life that years of traditional therapy couldn’t help me with. Her welcoming demeanor and genuineness made me feel comfortable talking with her. I’m so excited for this next big step and working towards the person I want to be.”

Sam B.

“Kayla was so sweet and I automatically felt comforted by her energy!! She was so easy to talk to and really cares about her clients!! In 45 minutes, I learned multiple things about myself and some action steps to take when I negatively talk to myself (which I didn’t even realize I did until my call with Kayla).

If you are questioning anything about your life, she can help. If you are questioning if you should work with Kayla, Don’t!! I promise you won’t regret it!! SHE IS AMAZING!!!”

Mary C.

“The moment I saw Kayla’s engaging Facebook post, I knew she was going to help me overcome my fear and anxiety of public speaking. Being on Kayla’s FREE call allowed me to reclaim my confidence, which had been buried beneath self-doubt for more years than I can remember.

Kayla’s calling is to help others like you and me enter the universe and heal others by empowering them to take action so that they, too, can reach out and help others in a similar situation. She comes highly recommended and will assist you in identifying the underlying issues that are preventing you from moving forward. I’m excited to embark on the next stage of my journey!”

Jamie B.

“Meeting with Kayla was absolutely fantastic! She was very in tune with what I was saying and could completely relate to what I am going through. I’m blown away by the connections she made between my childhood and relationships.”

Deb K.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me this morning for our session. It was lovely to connect with you and hear your insights from a fresh perspective. Having shared one of the challenges that is first and foremost in my mind, you heard me and offered very valid suggestions that I wouldn’t have pinpointed without your guidance. This means so much to me, and I know that your feedback will finally be able to alleviate my “stuckness” with this particular situation…. and patience with the road ahead of me.

Again Kayla, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your abilities and the gentle way in which you delivered them. You come highly recommended from me, and hope to carry on with more sessions in the future.”

Erica P.

“It was a real pleasure meeting with Kayla in our free session. I was so comfortable and felt immediate trust, empathy, and understanding. She listened and gave really valuable ways to view my situation. Particularly that confidence will come from healing…which I had never directly connected. Also that my anxiety comes from childhood trauma which I also never connected.

She presented an actionable framework and plan for healing that I immediately knew could help me, and I look forward to starting Dare2BeYou. As someone who has not yet fully worked to heal past traumas with parents with mental illness and addiction issues, I was seeing the pain still manifest in my reality, I knew it was time to dig in and find help on the quest towards healing. Excited to be on this journey with Kayla!”


“I just had my first 1/1 with Coach Kayla. The energy that she possesses is amazing, I absolutely enjoyed every moment we shared together.

She’s such a sweet and gentle spirit that allowed the space for me to get real about what was holding me back from my progression, and she was able to identify right away what my triggers were and graciously led me to see how I can break through those triggers little by little and get to the other side of my true authenticity.

She’s very resourceful and provided me with customized tools and tricks that are aligned with my unique situation, so that I’m able to take action right away towards the goals that I seek.

Just in the short time together, I was able to learn so much more about myself. I left the call feeling refreshed, renewed and refocused!! Thank you, beautiful.”

Cheri J.

“I get anxious when faced with new experiences, and I didn’t know what to expect for the meeting, so I went in open-minded, but it didn’t matter.

Kayla is a gem and professional. With her easy disposition and positive demeanour, I felt comfortable opening up to her about everything. We discussed my struggles and my faith, which surprised me, as usually people try to push their own belief systems onto others. Kayla was able to focus on my goals and struggles using my own belief system and never once tried to push her own beliefs onto me. I can’t stress enough how refreshing that is! I would highly recommend her.”

Merethe S.

“Meeting with Kayla was such an eye openeer, and she saw my problem in just a few minutes! It was honestly so amazing! I never thought about many of the things she pointed out. But it really resonate with me, and I am so grateful!

If you question whether or not you should have this free call with Kayla, push past that apprehension, and book the call. She will be able to help you in ways that words cannot express! She is so sweet in her approach and the way she treats you. A beautiful soul!”

Ukaria M.

“I just want to say thank you so much for an amazing coaching session. I loved your approach – you made a good level of eye contact and your body language was very positive. You were interested in what I had to say and make notes which showed you cared and did not want to forget anything that I said. You listened attentively and gave me great solutions which I am implementing. I am taking a step back and focusing on myself; pouring into my tea cup like I say. That 45-minutes’ call was GREAT!”

Jenny L.

“Kayla is such a loving individual to work with. I really enjoyed working with her on identifying where I am now and where to move next.

She effortlessly saw aspects of myself that I missed and I’m so grateful to learn what I can focus on in order to upgrade my mindset.

Kayla is like an intrinsically motivating best-friend who shows parts of you that need love. I don’t often meet people that I resonate with often, so I’m all for continuing to work with her!”

Caitlin E.

“WOW! making some realizations in just 45 mins was great! Kayla really listened and gave clear tangible steps to take in my life to reach my mental health goals! She is very down to earth and really easy to open up to! Could not recommend enough!!”

Zinnairah K.

“Kayla is one of her kind – the only coach in the industry who I resonated so strongly with. She is so good at catching details that we so very often forget to connect. Incredible! Highly recommended!”

Mercedes J.

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with Kayla! In 45 minute she helped me come to so many realizations and I appreciate her encouragement so much! I also realized that I have so much in common with Kayla and connected so easily with her! It was great to have someone actually listen to me!