Our worth is not defined by the fact that we DO fall, but what it is that we do AFTER we fall


We question why we fail time and time again to achieve the things we had so tirelessly set out to accomplish; but our worth is not defined by our failures. Let me repeat that again. Our worth is NOT defined by our failures.

We’ve become so fearful of disappointments, that our progressions, dreams and prosperities have been silenced by all-consuming self doubt and apprehension of the unknown. But why have we allowed ourselves to become so accepting of our growth hindering stagnancies and lack of self improvement, when our lives have developed into an unconsciously predictable, monotonous routine, day in, day out? Why are we constantly running into immobilizing roadblocks and why can we never seem to find our way out of the impenetrable darkness that has become ourselves… the darkness that is our belief that we will never be anything greater, stronger and wiser than what we are in this very moment?

Because who and what we are in this very moment is just a smidge of our luminescent existence. Who and what we are in this very moment is just ripple in the ocean that is our intricate entirety… but yet we constantly allow our self condemnations to impede our ability to feel valued when we are in the face of turbulences?

Our worth is not definitive of the countless battle scars that we’ve accumulated every single time we’ve bled to the bone for something that has always existed just beyond our reach. Our worth is not justifiable by the validations of others, who will never truly understand our perpetual passions. Our worth is not determined by our inability to achieve the ‘perfect’ ill illusioned perception of ourselves that society has created for us. We have believed for so long that this flawless entity is attainable, but yet somehow, it has always remained out of our restless grasps, undeniably making us feel hopelessly inadequate.

We so effortlessly define our worth by our failures, when it is because of our failures that we are offered the chance to create our greatest growths. We so easily believe that it is our failures that cause us our most agonizing sufferings, when the root of our anguish is not the change itself, but the lack there-of.

So embrace the change. Welcome the uncertainty. Take the risks.

We need to stop comparing our lives to others and stop complaining that we are not where we want to be in life… it’s time to feed our hungry spirits and uplift our silenced souls with nourishment and resiliency. Only we can manifest our futures. Only we decide if we want to live a life of predictability… or welcome the Elysian divergence into our veins. It’s time that we stop feeling inadequate because of all of the things that we are not and instead embrace ourselves for all of the things that we ARE.

Our worth is not defined by our failures, it is founded by how many times we’ve seen through the darkness, pushed past the pain, and held our heads up over the mountainous waves while the undertow has assiduously fought to immobilize us within its menacing grasp. 

Maybe we ourselves, subconsciously manifest our own discomforts and trepidations from our distorted beliefs that metamorphosis is something to be fearful of, when it’s merely an opportunity for us to evolve into people more extraordinarily exquisite than we already are.

Our worth is not defined by the fact that we DO fall, but what it is that we do AFTER we fall.

Get back up.

Stop letting your past define your reality


Let go of whatever and whoever hurt you. Choose to heal, choose to recover… choose happiness. You are NOT defined by the failures of your past, the people that hurt you or the mistakes that you’ve made. You are not defined by the missed opportunities that you gave up because you were anxiously waiting for something better to arrive, that never did. You are not defined by your imperfections, insecurities and inadequacies; they are what make you, you… and darling, nothing compares to you.

A warrior doesn’t need a man to help her stand


The strongest thing about you was the thing he had forgotten to appreciate… your audacity.

There was a time that you had loved him so passionately with each and every inch of your delicate, naïve heart… but now there’s nothing more than just a lingering emptiness inside your chest where his heart used to rest silently against yours, entangled within your existence. And sometimes, you catch yourself thinking about the days when everything was just a little bit simpler… when every embrace felt like home and every kiss felt like eternity.

4 am


I want you to desire me, with every aching bone you have in your body and every tickle of my touch that sends tingles up your spine. Though I know that as long as you’re in a genocidal war with the demons inside your head, you’ll never crave me the way I desperately cling to you. And it terrifies me, yet my mind always wanders back to the thought that maybe once the demons have stopped consuming your mind… so will I.

Goodbye 2018, hello liberation


2018 taught me that it’s okay to start over. It’s okay to have to re-evaluate my goals, re-prioritize my passions and admit defeat, at least temporarily.

This year taught me to confidently live in the present, because even though where I am right now isn’t exactly where I had planned I’d be, I can and should make the most of what I’ve got, because sometimes, something good starts out as something small… a choice to make a change, an understanding that I don’t want to be defined by my failures, or the epiphany that I don’t want to live a life that’s… predictable.

The strength of letting go


When we give ourselves the strength to let go of all the things we cannot control, rather than allowing them to hold power over our lives, we free ourselves from all the anger, hatred, guilt, regret and unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves, and the lives we live.

Finding yourself


Do you ever pause and anxiously scramble for that perfectly sculpted fairy-tale response to appear in your mind when people ask the unnerving question “where do you plan to be in 5 years?”

I usually avoid this question like the plague and take it as lightly as my heart will allow. But as I sit here now meticulously pondering this question I’ve come to realize it has more than likely manifested by my undying fear of the unknown, rejection and the apprehension that the future I had hoped for would result in crumbling dreams and aspirations.

Even the slightest thoughts about the future had previously made me sick to my stomach, and even now I still catch my wondering becoming obsessive at times when I contemplate how I could possibly think about where I hypothetically ‘could’ be in 5 years, when I can’t even figure out where I theoretically ‘should’ be.

It’s time that you remember who you are


It’s crazy how we allow ourselves to so easily forget how lucky we are, even in the simplest of forms… gratitude. We lose ourselves among that everyday chaos and impatient rush between the briefest of moments to the next, that we so effortlessly take everything we have and are for granted. We forget about all of our simple pleasures in life and all those little things that bring us the purist amounts of joy because we’re so dismissively oblivious to the world around us.

How I know I love you


We try to define love so we can understand it… We paint it in black and white so we can describe it, make sense of it, or… see it for what it truly is.

Truth is… Love is knowing your partner’s weakness, but never using it against them. Love is doing absolutely nothing with them, but still being indescribably content. Love is when your favourite parts of them are all their little mannerisms, quirks and little things they do that make you head over heels for them.

Love is trying to be mad at them, but uncontrollably laughing with them instead because deep down you know everything is better with them right beside you, holding your hand; and honestly, the thing you were fighting about in the first place wasn’t even that big of a deal anyways.