When we give ourselves the strength to let go of all the things we cannot control, rather than allowing them to hold power over our lives, we free ourselves from all the anger, hatred, guilt, regret and unrealistic expectations we have for ourselves, and the lives we live.

When we allow ourselves to feel discomfort in our lives, we acknowledge and accept that there will always be things in life that cause us unease and conflict within ourselves… but that doesn’t have to mean that we will give them the power to sabotage our lives indefinitely.

When we feel the unsettling urge inside our chests that tells us something within our lives is incomplete… it’s a reminder that only we are the game makers of our lives, nobody else. We are not the pawns to the decisions we make and the twists and turns we take on the journey of our lives, and our unfulfilled hopes and desires are not the King’s who define our triumphs and destruction’s.

When we feel as though we could be more than just half complete beings, it is our decision of whether we decide to continue down the path we are on or take a chance on our uncertain future by making a change.

I’m starting to understand that letting go is not the same as defeat. Letting go is not failure, it is acceptance that some things don’t always last forever, and the affirmation that I’m okay with that.

It’s the reminder that when something no longer serves its purpose for me  anymore and hinders me from self progression, that I understand they are not worth the exhaustion of my racing thoughts and bitterness, and instead, I’ll find the most peace and strength within myself by dismissing them from my negative thoughts and actions… and embrace them for what they truly are; a lesson with proof that I can rise above the negativity, a reminder of the perseverance of my self worth, and a blessing in disguise of the person that I could be, but choose not to be.