Self love isn’t a destination… it’s a journey. It’s the daily process of continuously showing up for ourselves to allow ourselves the opportunity to be better than we were the day before.

Self love isn’t a masterpiece or a work in progress… it’s both. It’s pushing towards being the best we can be, then pushing to be better, braver, fiercer. So lift yourself up. Be gentle with yourself through your ups and downs. & above all else… be patient with yourself through your body changes… And then watch how your life manifests into greatness!

Your body isn’t broken, it never was. You are a beautiful masterpiece, and it’s time that you start seeing yourself as one. Your imperfections don’t make you less worthy of love, they make you wiser, stronger, more resilient.

So when life knocks you down and you start to fall back into your self deprecating ways, remember that you too are an indescribably beautiful work of art, worthy of an abundance of love. What if you practiced the same patience, kindness and unconditional love to yourself that you do with everyone else? My guess is that your whole world would change.