I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when I spend a generous amount of time on my makeup, to discover only a couple of hours later that my makeup has creased and faded. As if things can’t get any worse, the next day my skin breaks out from my setting spray being loaded with too many chemicals and clogging my pores. Getting makeup right is hard enough without worrying about fading makeup and stubborn breakouts, so I’m here to make it easy for you to find your next setting spray without breaking the bank (or a sweat)!

It’s difficult to find a setting spray when the market is so saturated with options, but have no fear! I’m going to make it nice and easy for you to choose a product that will work with your skin (instead of against it), with 3 of my go-to setting sprays that feature an original setting spray, continuous setting mist and a dual-phase setting mist. These setting sprays will allow you to effortlessly wear your makeup all day, without the creasing and without the unwanted, stubborn breakouts (YAY)! The 3 brands I’m going to talk about today are Innbeauty, Morphe and Tarte! ♡

The first product (and my favourite) is the Innbeauty Dual-Phase Setting Mist. I absolutely love this product because it can be used 3 different ways! It can be used as a primer, setter and/or a continuous spray throughout your day to refresh your skin. It’s main ingredients are Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin, Witch Hazel to protect against acne and can be used as a very effective toner, Eggplant to supply your skin with the much needed antioxidants to make your skin glow, and a number of Electrolytes to energize your skin. I currently use this products for all of the above supplementary to another primer that I use), and I’ve never been more happy with a dual-phase setting mist because it NEVER causes my skin to break-out. I actually received this product in my May BoxyCharm and it has been featured in multiple other month’s boxes. Because the aloe vera works to moisturize the skin, it counteracts the drying effects of the witch hazel, to leave your skin refreshed, and moisturized at the same time (like a toner, moisturizer duo)!

– Sweat-proof and Transfer-proof
– Hydrates skin with aloe vera
– Tones skin with hazel
– Energizes skin throughout the day with electrolytes
– Boosts skin’s glow with antioxidants (vitamins A and C)

$22 USD

8/10 – If it was waterproof it would be 10/10 for sure

The next product is the Tarte Stay Spray. I’ve heard such great things about this product and so I decided to try it out for myself (I was not disappointed)! To my surprise, it actually IS waterproof! I wore my makeup into the shower and when I came out after washing my hair my makeup was the same coming out of the shower as it was going in, I was speechless! Typically with acne prone skin I wouldn’t recommend a water-proof setting spray as it clog pores more easily and doesn’t give your skin the ability to breathe, but because of the amazingly lightweight effect of this product, it feels weightless on your skin after application and the main ingredients of aloe extract and cucumber moisturize your skin and give it a dewy glow, without leaving excess oil. The scent was also something that really sold the product for me as it smells so refreshing and good! So if you’re looking for a water-proof setting spray, this is definitely one that won’t break out your acne prone skin – as long as you ensure a regular skin routine after taking off your makeup in the evening.

– Water-proof, sweat-proof, transfer-proof
– Cucumber soothes and refreshes skin’s appearance
– Aloe extract acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
– AMAZING cucumber aloe scent – smells sooooo good!

$30 USD

10/10 – The all-day wear and the waterproof feature makes this product my favourite setting spray ever!

And the final product is the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist. The product is overall just a really good setting mist and it’s continuous so if you like a setting spray that continuously sprays, then this a great go-to product. It has all around amazing reviews and there’s 4 different setting mists that are available ranging from matte to dewy finishes and offer coverage for just about every skin type from normal to oily, dry and combo skin.

– Original, cult-favorite formula
– Delivers a radiant finish
– Infused with Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and fruit extracts
– Continuous-powered spray results in an even & controlled application

$21 USD

7.5/10 – My only complaint about this product is that you need a midday top up to ensure your makeup stays put.

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