People often mistake taking time to yourself as narcissistic, unimportant and a waste of time; but self care isn’t just about self-help books, candlelit bubble baths and face masks. Self care is about taking the well needed time that you need to lift yourself up, praise yourself for how far you’ve come, and allowing yourself to breathe in, breathe out and just, be.

Self care is less about what you do do, and more about what you don’t do. Self care isn’t obsessively scrolling through social media on a Friday night instead of going out with your friends to take time to yourself; self care isn’t comparing yourself to everybody else and questioning why you’re not as accomplished as other people; self care isn’t binge watching Netflix all night instead of studying for your exam in a class that you’re barely passing; self care isn’t making the time to see your friends, instead of making the time to put your clothes in the washing machine that have now piled up onto your bedroom floor.

Self care is as much about doing what makes you happy, as it is about prioritizing yourself and your well being, and self care is about knowing when to be hard on yourself and when to be soft. It’s okay to kick your butt into gear for not sticking to your goals, daily schedule or morning routine, and it’s okay to take a day to reprioritize your life; but sometimes, all you’ll need is a good bubble bath, Netflix and a deep clean of your space to recenter yourself.

When we allow ourselves to become kinder and more accepting of ourselves, it allows us to become kinder and more accepting of others. Self care isn’t something to be ashamed about, it’s something that we should be celebrating about when we acknowledge the moments in our lives that we are becoming unbalanced and need to take some time to love ourselves.

It’s time that we start lifting each other up for prioritizing self care, self love and wellness 🤍.