It is within our own selfishness that we regret the passing of our ailing elders who have been welcomed into the restful eternity of imperishable silence… as we do not choose the time that our souls retreat from our motionless bodies, our time is chosen for us.

Be not fearful when the youthful, mesmerizing sight of undying light covers your tulip skies within a welcoming blanket of night, as one day I too will be face to face with the apprehensive unease of un-awakening slumber. Be not afraid of embracing the bitter-sweet peace within the quiet serenity of the weathered ground beneath my feet, as one day soon our spirits will dance beside each other intertwined, which will at long last make us whole, and our souls, reunited.

Days turn to months, and months to years where tears and heartache challenge the colours of the aging leaves that as breathtaking as they are, come and go within the flicker of an inattentive eye, and unconscious mind. Seasons rapidly pass, reassembling the fragile formation that makes up the exquisite intricacy of you, and my scattered, silenced thoughts that have anxiously awaited to expose their irreproachable purity have become evident… I owe you perpetuity.

Do not mourn for me… as time will slowly patch the wounds of which fearlessly imprinted themselves onto my tender skin when a piece of me died with you. Do not agonize as I kneel over your casket memorizing each and every inch of your delicate composition, as this will be our last memory in the physical world, until we meet again on top of the cotton candy clouds.

Do not become weary as I remain mesmerized by every last perfect imperfection on your fragile face, as you have never looked as beautifully infinite as you do in this very moment. Do not pity me when I hear the calling of the wind and mistake it for your irreplaceably intangible laugh. Do not question me when I feel the rain fall swiftly upon my skin and embrace with it your sweet, innocent kiss. Do not despair, when at the times I will question my sanity and place within this Earth the most, I will feel your warmth become tangled within my arms and suddenly, pain will fall silent to the eloquent memory of your audacious presence and tender touch.

And when the sky opens up to a beautiful canvas of pastel harmony and sets to an explosion of deep blooming hue, do not hesitate faith, as I will silently be smirking to myself, reminded that you will be watching over me as much as I will think of you… always and forever… forever and always.