It’s hard to imagine that it’s almost been a year since the beginning of covid, lock downs, anxiety inducing solitude, and financial, emotional and physical distress…

But here we are. A year stronger, braver and more resilient than we were a year ago.

It’s been a really difficult year… conditioning ourselves into relearning all of the ways we’ve known to feel secure financially, emotionally and physically.

Being close to our friends and family are now defined by phone and video calls, as opposed to Sunday brunches at mom and dad’s and Friday night dancing downtown with our friends.

Practicing self care is no longer defined by face masks, bubble baths and jazz music, it’s now anxiety attacks followed by deep breathing mediations, affirmations and gratitude exercises to calm the indescribable feeling of fear for our futures.

Physical activity is no longer 2 hour strenuous gym sessions to lose to gain weight to your fitness preferences, it’s now light home workouts with inadequate and/or expensive equipment and 1 hour long rushed gym sessions with small capacity limits and wait lists to get into the gym.

Financial security has now universally become financial insecurity.

And it’s scary… Creating a life of values, habits and routines for yourself for all the years that you have, to now have them completely disrupted, altered and destroyed. It’s scary, and yet you’ve made it this far… Through all of the financial uncertainties, the worry for your family and those you are about, and the solitude that forced you into being comfortable in the silence of your own mind.

You’ve been frightened by everything life has thrown at you this past year, questioning how you would ever make it through… and yet you’ve still managed to overcome it all.

You are stronger than you have ever believed you are, and now it’s time for you to prove it to yourself.

Keep going.