FREE Self-love trackers


18 downloadable PDF customizable trackers

From the moment you wake up, your mind is flooded with all of the things that you need to do.

This can feel so overwhelming that you end up procrastinating, wasting time, and neglecting not only your priorities of the day, but your mental wellness as well, causing you to feel inadequate, irritable, drained, and more likely to experience burn out.

Having daily self-love trackers allow you to prioritize good habits and daily tasks that will empower you to:

✨ Lower stress levels

✨ Prioritize mental wellness in your life

✨ Improve your self-esteem

✨ Strengthen your immune system to make your body more adept to fight off illness and disease

✨ Lower limiting beliefs to get out of your own away and live the limitless life of your dreams 🤍!

Your trackers are completely customizable! This means you can edit it directly on the PDF after downloading it! IF you have an Acrobat account you can edit it through there, or you can edit through an editing app like goodnotes or notability.

Your download comes with with 18 different trackers and 1 example tracker so you understand how the trackers work! There is one routine tracker for every month, 3 habit trackers and 3 gratitude trackers (one for the months with 28, 30 ad 31 days).


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