About Me
About Me

Hi Beauty,

I’m Kae, the founder of Audacious Curiosity. I am a self-love content creator from Toronto, Canada, and a CBT Practitioner (specializing in self-love and wellness). I am a bubbly Gemini by nature, lover of life and seeker of curiosity, and my goal is to help you grow through what you go through and not just survive, but thrive.

We try to define love so we can understand it… We paint it in black and white so we can describe it, make sense of it, or… see it for what it truly is.

Truth is… Love is knowing your partner’s weakness, but never using it against them. Love is doing absolutely nothing with them, but still being indescribably content. Love is when your favourite parts of them are all their little mannerisms, quirks and little things they do that make you head over heels for them.

Love is trying to be mad at them, but uncontrollably laughing with them instead because deep down you know everything is better with them right beside you, holding your hand; and honestly, the thing you were fighting about in the first place wasn’t even that big of a deal anyways. 

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