About Me
About Me

Hi Beauty,

I’m Kae, the founder of Audacious Curiosity. I am a self-love content creator from Toronto, Canada, and a CBT Practitioner (specializing in self-love and wellness). I am a bubbly Gemini by nature, lover of life and seeker of curiosity, and my goal is to help you grow through what you go through and not just survive, but thrive.

The strongest thing about you was the thing he had forgotten to appreciate… your audacity.

There was a time that you had loved him so passionately with each and every inch of your delicate, naïve heart… but now there’s nothing more than just a lingering emptiness inside your chest where his heart used to rest silently against yours, entangled within your existence. And sometimes, you catch yourself thinking about the days when everything was just a little bit simpler… when every embrace felt like home and every kiss felt like eternity.

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