We try to define love so we can understand it… We paint it in black and white so we can describe it, make sense of it, or… see it for what it truly is.

Truth is… Love is knowing your partner’s weakness, but never using it against them. Love is doing absolutely nothing with them, but still being indescribably content. Love is when your favourite parts of them are all their little mannerisms, quirks and little things they do that make you head over heels for them.

Love is trying to be mad at them, but uncontrollably laughing with them instead because deep down you know everything is better with them right beside you, holding your hand; and honestly, the thing you were fighting about in the first place wasn’t even that big of a deal anyways. 

Love means sitting down and actually talking through an argument before it hits that “lashing out” at each other phase. Love means building each other up and never allowing the other person to feel unwanted. It’s about becoming each other’s best friend and conquering the world as a team. Love means knowing you always have someone to count on. It’s being motivated to become the best version of you. It’s knowing you’ll always have someone by your side.

Love is when they make your world a happier place… They make you do things you swore you’d never do and they change the way you see the world and sometimes, the way you see yourself. Love is unconditional security. When someone loves you, they would never mean to hurt you intentionally… but sometimes they will hurt you… and when they do they’ll ALWAYS make up for it and they won’t let the bad times linger; They won’t let the little things get in the way of your love and your connection.

Love uses pain as a tool to bring you closer, a tool that sharpens the bond you have. Love is when someone sees the darkest, brightest, most gruesome and upsetting sides of you, yet still chooses you at the end of the day. Love is when they make you feel safe. Love will never make you feel lonely or alone with your struggles, love makes your struggles theirs, and their struggles yours.. They’re present — and you never really feel their absence even if they’re miles apart. 

Love is realizing that not everyone is manipulative and has ulterior motives. Love is giving someone a second chance, but they’ve never needed a third. Love is respecting the feelings and sentiments of the one you love… The kind of person they are. Where they are coming from, their history, the dreams they dream and what makes them the person they are.

Love is sleeping in each-others arms and giving up your side of the bed. Love is sipping cold coffee in the morning because you’ve been rolling around in your bed laughing with them all morning to the point where you’ve forgotten your morning “pick me up”, because it’s been replaced with the one you love.

Love is the undying flame inside your heart that pulsates every time they say hello, and the undying ache you feel every single time they say goodbye. Love is patience while they’re being impossible and stubbornly pushing your limits until they get their way… because they know just how to push your buttons without actually hurting you.

Love is them pushing you over your edge multiple times a day, but you’d never want it any other way. Love is purposely pissing them off, because you know they’ll never be able to stay mad at you for more than a few minutes. Love is watching them play a video game, read a book, make breakfast, scroll through their phone or get dressed in the morning while you realize you need every inch of their existence because they complete you in every single way. 

Love is Saturday bar nights and Sunday’s in bed. Love is 4 am confessions, and 5 am cuddles pulling you in close. Love is working up the courage to tell the one you love something that you don’t think they’ll take well… only for them to prove you wrong and remind you that their love for you is unconditional. Love is when you’re in a bad mood and you’re almost instantaneously relieved once you feel their presence beside you. Love is missing them every second you’re apart and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until you see them again.

Love is feeling their arms around you, even when you sleep without them there beside you. Love is opening up to them, realizing that even on your bad days they’re the only person you want to talk to when things get bad. Love is leaving cute love notes, making their bed and folding their laundry to take some edge off their day when they get home from a long day at work. Love is selflessness, choosing your partners needs over your own. Love is compromise, doing the things you don’t want to do to make each other happy. 

Love is being the strength to your partners weakness’ and reminding them that not everyone has to be stoic and unbreakable all the time… that it’s just as admirable and strong to admit you’re hurt; because everyone hurts sometimes. Love is admitting your faults, and helping your partner admit to theirs.  Love is extinguishing all those countless, false and unrealistic expectations for relationships and realizing the best thing about a relationship is just… being.

Love is accepting your partners baggage, and all that’s undesirable about their past and present, while showing your partner that their hardships shouldn’t have to weigh them down or make it hard to breathe… and Love is taking on some of that weight, to make it easier for the one you love to be at ease instead of constantly being inside their head. Love is a new perspective, and a second chance to do things right.

Love is so much more than a kiss, a warm embrace or a uncontrollable laugh; it’s tears and pain and hardships that lead to obstacles that you’d never believe you’d overcome. It’s constantly changing priorities and goals because nothing seems to work out the way it should. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of sacrifice; and some days, you’ll just want to give up. But at the end of the day when all is said and done, you’ll always find your way back to them, because they are your person…

&  this is how I know that I love you.

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