2018 taught me that it’s okay to start over. It’s okay to have to re-evaluate my goals, re-prioritize my passions and admit defeat, at least temporarily.

This year taught me to confidently live in the present, because even though where I am right now isn’t exactly where I had planned I’d be, I can and should make the most of what I’ve got, because sometimes, something good starts out as something small… a choice to make a change, an understanding that I don’t want to be defined by my failures, or the epiphany that I don’t want to live a life that’s… predictable.

This year taught me how to stand up for the things I believe in and be fearlessly, unregretfully, myself. This year reminded me that now is the time to stop being stagnant and refrain from living my life by the expectations that other people have set for me. This year made me realize that maybe I don’t fully know who I want to be… but at least I know who I don’t want to be, and that’s a start.

This year taught me to be wholeheartedly passionate… About people, places, ideas, experiences and above all else… This year taught me to embrace change. It’s hard to welcome uncertainty into our comfortably conservative ways of life. We’ve become so content living monotonous, anticipated lifestyles, that we forget that there’s ‘more’ to life than just unconsciously sleepwalking though our same old routine lives, day in, day out… There must be. Life isn’t meant to be predicted, it’s supposed to be spontaneous, daring, uncomfortable, invigorating.

This year taught me that growing up means negotiating with the perfect image I’ve created for my future self and learn to accept that I’m going to have to constantly re-sculpt my present self into the beautiful masterpiece that it will one day be. This year taught me that there will be any twists and turns in the road, and I’ll probably never truly know or understand which way life will lead me next… But I do know that I’ll embrace wherever it may lead me with open arms.

2018 taught me how to break free from these invisible, daunting chains I’ve entangled myself in, that have constantly reminded me I am incapable of being an anomaly. 2018 taught me to be audacious, and 2018 gave me back my voice that I had gone so long without. This year reminded me that it’s okay to let go of people, beliefs and aspects of myself that no longer serve a healthy purpose to me, because sometimes, in order to grow, you need to release the things from your life that are holding you back. 

2019 will be the year growth, and taking back the power of my life and future into my own hands. 2019 will be the year of liberation, and setting myself free from the illusion of limitations that I’ve created for myself, to hinder personal growth and terminations of parts of me that I’ve become hesitant to let go of. 2019 will be my redemption year, the year I am no longer a pawn in the game of my own life, the year I finally open my eyes and awake from the unfulfilling dream that has been so easily mistaken as my life, the year that I finally get clean and wash away the uncontrollable relapse of self deprecation from my skin. 2018 was the year of foresight, let 2019 be the year of liberation.