Skin Care


I love a good face mask! But with my oily, acne prone skin I find it very difficult at times to find a Clay face mask that hits all my problem areas without leaving my skin feeling dull and completely dried out.

Nena Skincare recently sent me some amazing products that gave me the opportunity to try their Glacial Oceanic Clay Mask, Cleansing Cream and Moisturizing Cream and oh my goodness, I’m in skin heaven! Not only do these product have very few ingredients in it (you know how I love simple skin care), but it is also 100% natural, and all of these products include Glacial Mineral Water or Oceanic Clay as their main ingredient! Say goodbye to Clay Masks that have Clay as one of their last ingredients stated on the product label!

Finding the “right” cleanser is a difficult job, especially if you have trouble skin, and don’t want to waste away your pay check on skin care products (can I get an amen)?! These past 2 months, I have trialed numerous cleansers from brands that have sent me their products to try out, and I have compared and contrasted the effects that these products have had on my acne prone, combination skin. Nevertheless, after lots of break-outs and both oily and dry reactions to products, I have fallen on these 3 face washes that I would recommend for anyone with combination, and acne-prone skin. There are a few other faves of mine that I will also mention that I believe work just as well as these 3 products, but the 3 products that I am featuring in this post are the products that are on my current face wash rotation.

Let’s talk Fourth Ray Beauty! Fourth Ray Beauty offers paraben-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free skin care products that are 100% vegan. Fourth Ray Beauties products nourish your skin in the most radiant way possible without the guilt of breaking the bank as they retail for ONLY $14 USD (yay for affordable, quality skin care)! Created by Colourpop, these products are SUPER affordable, but the inexpensive price does not cause the results of their products to suffer. Currently, my 2 favourite products are the Rainfall Hyaluronic Acid Serum & their full line of Face Milk’s that are customized specifically to each and every skin care trouble area, although I’ve tried each and every individual one and entire line of Face Milk’s left my skin looking radiant and glowing.

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