We live in a world where we’re always told that we need to be better, skinnier, prettier, smarter, healthier, richer, kinder, harder, softer—all the “ers”, and it’s exhausting.

It’s exhausting trying to live up to all of these fabricated, unflawed versions of yourself when people don’t even know who you are to begin with. It’s exhausting having people tell you what you should value, what you should change, and who you should be when the only person you should be is you.

We question why we fail time and time again to achieve the things we had so tirelessly set out to accomplish; but our worth is not defined by our failures. Let me repeat that again. Our worth is NOT defined by our failures.

We’ve become so fearful of disappointments, that our progressions, dreams and prosperities have been silenced by all-consuming self doubt and apprehension of the unknown. But why have we allowed ourselves to become so accepting of our growth hindering stagnancies and lack of self improvement, when our lives have developed into an unconsciously predictable, monotonous routine, day in, day out? Why are we constantly running into immobilizing roadblocks and why can we never seem to find our way out of the impenetrable darkness that has become ourselves… the darkness that is our belief that we will never be anything greater, stronger and wiser than what we are in this very moment?

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