We all have an inner critic. And at times this inner critic can even be helpful and keep us on track when we’ve lost sight of our goals and the things that we should (or should not) be doing—like when our inner critic reminds us that we have a deadline coming up that we should be preparing for instead of watching Netflix, or when we’re procrastinating about doing something that really needs to get done. This inner critic can actually be helpful sometimes, in order to hold ourselves accountable, however, this inner critic can at times be more harmful than helpful, specifically when we begin to ruminate and fixate on negatively driven thought patterns. This is also known as negative self-talk, and it can be detrimental to both our mental and physical wellness.

We live in a world where we’re always told that we need to be better, skinnier, prettier, smarter, healthier, richer, kinder, harder, softer—all the “ers”, and it’s exhausting.

It’s exhausting trying to live up to all of these fabricated, unflawed versions of yourself when people don’t even know who you are to begin with. It’s exhausting having people tell you what you should value, what you should change, and who you should be when the only person you should be is you.

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