Hey beauties! Because it can be so difficult to find quality, cruelty free products, I’m pretty picky about which products I use on my face and in my hair, whether it be for cosmetic or skin care purposes. I’ve really been digging brands that advertise on their labels that they are cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free and vegan friendly. I really value brands that are transparent about the ingredients that are and aren’t in their products, and so when I come across a brand that is up front and honest with their target audiences (like these ones are), I am excited to work with these brands as I am confident in both the products that the brands sell and the values that each brand hold dear to their company.

I am always looking to partner with new brands, and so if you are a Brand Ambassador, or you are looking for more Influencers to promote your brands products, feel free to fill out the form on my Contact Me page with your inquiry, as I am excited to hear from you!

Below are a list of the brands that I currently partner with, promo codes for each specific brand and the links that you can follow to use my promo codes and save lots of $$$ on your next style purchases. * NOTICE* Some of my promo codes require a specialized affiliate link to purchase products from in order to receive a discount, so in these unique cases I will specify when an affiliate link must be used (instead of a promo code). Please be advised that if you do not use the affiliate link when specified, you will not be able to receive my discount ♡.

Mellow Cosmetics
Category: Cosmetics
Discount Code & Specialized Promo Link (you MUST use this link AND the code Mellow15 to receive my discount for 15% off): Click here
Website: Click here
Instagram: Click here

Category: Hair Care
Discount Code: Auda10
Website: Click here
Instagram: Click here

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