About Me

Hi Beauty,

I’m Kae, the founder of Audacious Curiosity. I am a self-love content creator from Toronto, Canada, and a CBT Practitioner (specializing in self-love and wellness). I am a bubbly Gemini by nature, lover of life and seeker of curiosity, and my goal is to help you grow through what you go through and not just survive, but thrive.

Self-love, mental health and mental wellness have always been a passion of mine since I was young. I had always wanted to further my education and career pursuing mental health and advocating for those who feel as though they do not have a voice in times of struggle, and so I pursued Social Work as an occupation. I continued on this path for 5 years, working in both in and out patient mental health, addictions and with the homeless. I then became a CBT Practitioner to further my one-to-one and group counselling skills that I then utilized to facilitate workshops for my clients while working in treatment centres.  

After working in this field for 5 years, I felt at a loss, as I always wanted to do “more” to help other people, and so I ventured back to University to become a Psychiatric Nurse, which I am currently in my second year of my Bachelor’s degree. Additionally to this, I have also begun to pursue Life Coaching, directed towards helping other people grow through what they go through. 

I hope that through Audacious Curiosity I can inspire you to be the most beautiful and confident you, to be bold enough to challenge the limitations that you set for yourself, and to inspire you to love yourself fiercely,  unconditionally, and unapologetically. 

I am confident that Audacious Curiosity will become a place that you can come to for not only self-love and wellness, but also personal growth, motivation and inspiration to live a life of boundary-less opportunity.

Thank you for stopping by my site, and I’m excited to share my passion of self-love with you!

Be Audacious, Be Curious!

All my love,


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