About Me

Hi Beauty,

I’m Kae, the founder of Audacious Curiosity. I am a fashion, beauty, and self love blogger from Toronto, Canada. I am a bubbly Gemini by nature, lover of life and seeker of curiosity, and my goal is to strengthen the relationships between women and their inner and outer beauty, while empowering women to reflect their most confident selves.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was 3, but it wasn’t evident to me that my passion could be manifested into something more than just a hobby until I became a published creative writer for Thought Catalog in my early 20’s. My passion was always directed towards the category of wellness, writing about self love, motivation and self improvement, but when I began receiving inquiries about becoming a Brand Ambassador, I fell onto the industry of fashion and beauty blogging, which are now additional highlights of my brand. 

I hope that through Audacious Curiosity I can inspire you to be the most beautiful and confident you, and encourage you to be bold in both the clothes you wear and confidence that you carry! I hope that this is a place that you can come to for not only fashion and beauty inspiration, but also wellness, self care, and positivity. Thank you for stopping by my site, and I’m excited to share my passions for fashion, beauty and lifestyle with you!

Be Audacious, Be Curious!



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